Born in 2001 with a focus on function, beauty and making lives happier.

Issey Miyake watches are a collaboration between the design house of Issey Miyake and Seiko Instruments.
In collaboration with some of the world’s leading product designers, each year they call upon an world renowned designer to come up with a new series of watches unique to the Issey Miyake brand. They include, Jasper Morrison, Yves Bahr, Naoto Fukasawa and Audi car designer Satoshi Wada. The designers have taken a clear product design philosophy, shaking up sensibilities that were fettered by conventional wisdom and set them free.
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TO – Tokujin Yoshioka
Simple indication system.
The hands on the outer and inner circles indicate the hour and minute respectively. Looks as if sculpted from a lump of metal
Twelve – Naoto Fukasawa
Case designed after the shape of a hexagon wrench, representing the simple beauty of tools.
Minimalist design in its ultimate form. Each angle of the dodecagon glass represents the hour
W – Satoshi Wada
W series designed by renowned Japanese car designer Satoshi Wada.
In the aim of achieving high legibility and accuracy the dial is made wide and hands are designed fine and long. The hand movement of the chronograph measurement an the button click feeling ill make you feel like using an automatic watch
C – Ichiro Iwasaki
Genderless, single size watches combined with bands of various materials and colours.
The dial face consists of lines and numerals only, with the hour and minute hands ticking time slowly above it. Replacement bands available.
V – Tokujin Yoshioka
A beautiful watch that sparkles as a bracelet.
These bracelets feature simple shape yet distinctive different cut angles that give off various expressions and reflections.
Please – Jasper Morrison
Crimped patterns like pleated fabric appear on the dial and the surface of the metal band.
The band has a high quality hairline finish.
O – Tokujin Yoshioka
Its concept is “shape of Water-Transparent time” The name is “O” (eau, French for water) – Tokujoin Yoshioka
The “O” watch collection Is a one-size bangle watch. Light in look, it is equally light in weight – only 25 grams


Friday, July 07, 2017

Issey Miyake watch was born in 2001 with a focus on function, beauty and making lives happier.